Nothing can replace the “feel” and look of an original fiber base, salt print or even the platinum print. It’s something totally different to have them in front of you where you can study closely all the details and tonality and get the “feel” of it. I am always disappointed when I see my works on the screen of my computer or phone. I feel the power and beauty is not transported, it’s flat and lacks the emotions and feelings. 

However, when I show my works I see how people are able to connect to them and somehow, this allows a deeper understanding.  From there,  dialogs begin. The pictures are not what I want to create. They are simply a tool to create something much more needed: imagination, dreams, vision or even hope. Something that touches the viewer deeply and helps him to overcome challenges he or she has in their lives. 

At the same time, I am honored to share my work. To share the stories or ideas of the people in the pictures. Although I want my pictures to speak for themselves with no explanation needed, I see the power that the artwork bears. And the possibilities that can open up realms of a new worldview and perspective.

If you are a collector or you are interested in my pictures and would like to see them let me know. Every few months I organize what I call a “living room exhibition” at my house in order to show my newest work. Here new relationships are built.  I have found these times always bring inspiration and encouragement. However, I will also come to you. If you live in Europe (in or around Germany), I am happy to come to your house and show you my original pictures. And maybe you would even be interested in organizing a little “living room exhibition” of your own! 

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