The black and white photographs from Jan C. Schlegel are taken with a 4x5 field camera (Ebony SV45 Ti) on traditional film (Kodak Tmax 400). The Negatives are developed in Kodak D76 Developer 1+1 dilution.

To enhance shadow detail and the appearance of sharpness, each Negative is sandwiched with a tradionally made unsharp mask. Highlight masks are used to increase highlight details in most of his prints.

Nothing is digitally edited, and the pictures are enlarged on fiber base photographic paper (Fomabrom Variant 111).

Afterwards each photographic print is partly toned (own mixture) in order to give each picture its special inner dynamics and depth. Often this process takes several hours and turns out differently with each print. This way each print is unique.

To finish the process, each picture is Selen toned which guarantees its maximum life and enhaces the depth in the shadows.

The pictures are mounted on 1 mm aluminium boards.

I think that b&w pictures are intrinsically finer than colour. I think that I have never seen a really great colour photograph.
— Irving Penn