“Imitate. Assimilate. Innovate.”

+ What others say...

Alexander G. from Erlangen/Germany: “Best workshop ever, brought my photography and my approach to portraiture a big step ahead! Not only that we got much valuable theoretical input and did alot of hands-on exercises, there was also room for structured reflection and individual mentoring. For me one of the most important topics was the discussion on art photography and finding my voice. The perfect studio atmosphere with professional lighting, plus the interesting models made it easy to move ahead with ones ideas. Digital was only the beginning, moving quickly to analogue, medium format and even large format, plus trying Polaroids and expired color sheet film. The results were absolutely stunning, more than expected, very motivating to keep on creating and experimenting. Thank you Jan, your team, and the models for this extraordinary experience.”

Julius S. from Stuttgart: "I’ve been a total newbie to portrait photography. After assisting Jan at a photo shoot I wanted to try it out and signed up for his portrait photography class! I am impressed what I learned in only two days! He also inspired me to go further and to take more pictures to improve!"

+ The White Rabbit ...

My workshops are hosted by the "White Rabbit" team. The White Rabbit is an artist collective focused on empowering and supporting artists. Through community and creative workspace, we aspire to give artists the platform they need to impact society locally, regionally, and globally.